Tips to help in paint by numbers

The mixing of colors along with the numbers tests the recognition ability of color for an individual. Creating a picture through paint by numbers can be very satisfying to many individuals. The happiness behind the creation of a marvel is a moment to never forget. By using this technique one can achieve a handmade portrait that has the capacity to surprise even the most talented artist. There are various techniques that might result to be used while following this approach to paint.

Some very important tips on painting by number.
Generally, the kit includes oil paint or acrylic paint and also pencils or watercolor at times. An acrylic paint is recommended by many users as the painting by numbers dries fast and also the brush used for coloring can be washed simply with water. It can even be cleaned from any type of surface with just some detergent and warm water. now in case, someone has painted the wrong color in the wrong shape it should not be washed or treated with anything rather it should be left aside to dry and only after it is completely dry one should apply the correct color again. It is recommended to work in a place which is lit well.
Techniques used in paint by numbers
To receive an outstanding effect this painting should be tried as a demo before applying on the canvas. Painting should be done in thin color layers this will bring out the look of the canvas and its texture. Only after the initially applied color is dry one should go for highlighting. Blending is important to bring out the contrast and texture of the painting. This can be done with the help of a dry brush to mix the wet portions.

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