The oldest and safest cryptocurrency-Bitcoin

Bitcoin are in such a demand nowadays. People are investing lot of money in Bitcoin. It is one currency whose value is more than any currency. But what is a Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin is a kind of digital money or in other words it’s a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s been said that, it was not his real identity. Bitcoin was first of its kind. Since then number of digital currencies have come into the market. There are more than 900 cryptocurrencies available on the net.

However, Bitcoin are considered to be the safest among all cryptocurrencies. Being digital in nature, question arises from where investor can buy Bitcoin. Well, there are number of Bitcoin exchanges available on internetfrom where Bitcoins can easily be bought. Buyer or investor can select any exchange and can buy Bitcoin from there. Bitcoin can be bought easily by using any of the payment modes: account transfer, debit/credit card, etc. the unique thing about investing in Bitcoin is that the identity of the buyer remains anonymous.

Another method to earn Bitcoin is through bitcoin mining. Basically, mining of Bitcoin is more or less printing his own cryptocurrency. The idea is quite fascinating as one can print his/her own currency as per requirement. Bitcoin mining can be done by either hardware services or cloud services.

Bitcoin is not a traditional physical money, hence after buying or mining Bitcoin the next question arises is how and where to store this currency? Because of their digital nature, they can be store digitally. The wallet in which Bitcoin can be stored is known as Digital Wallet.
Bitcoin is a modern and advanced investment method.

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