Telecom Management – Service Delivery and Cost Containment – Get the Job Done

telecom management has several different factors; however, service delivery and cost containment must be the two largest variables. If you are able to master service supply and cost containment, you may then start to look about at tactical opportunities to encourage the business. These strategic initiatives are what propel your career. Service delivery and cost containment will be the basis upon which you may stand to start adding true value for your company.

Service delivery is about ensuring the service functions and procedures to provide services to customers are solid. Selecting reliable Telecom service suppliers is paramount. There are lots of other service providers offering excellent service, so feel free to branch out of the standard large Telecom service suppliers (AT&T, Verizon, Qwest and Sprint for wireline service; and AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and TMobile for wireless).
Getting a comfort level with an alternate supplier is vital. Most of us understand that networks have flaws and service suppliers aren’t perfect. Everything you don’t wish to do is swing every one of your services around to an alternate carrier, then possess a problem early which invites second-guessing in your choice. To avert the second-guessing start with pockets of chance with the alternate carrier. Utilize the other Telecom carrier in a couple of offices, or even for simple internet access, or as a low cost option for your main carrier in your headquarters. Yes, this introduces a different seller to handle, but there’ll usually be substantial cost savings to warrant the cost. Further, you can start to construct a track record with the alternative Telecom supplier to find out whether they’re a good match for much more of your own network. Additionally, the alternate provider may be utilized as a lever when negotiating with your main supplier. Believe me, the large carriers sit up and take note if you let them know that an alternate supplier is installed and performing well on your community…it gets rid of many of those selling things they use to justify their high prices.

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