You’re 50% more likely to remember something if you speak it loud instead of simply reading it over and over. It is very beneficial for students to remember things reading it loud and will do better in exams as they don’t have the fear to forget because reading out loud lessons saves it in the memory of students. But what will you do if you are out of your home. So, for this problem, there is study tips. Record your lessons when you are reading it from your mouth actively and save it in your mobile. It will help you to learn when you are out of your home or walking.

Research shows that learning things by listening improves your memory power by 60%. You must do this, you get to do this. You can use one of exam hacks for making your study so interesting. You should follow these tips because if you read books in silent you more read passively, after some time you realise that you completely forget all things which you have studied before. If you are reading loud you will read actively and it helps you remember better later. If you can’t do these there are some study tips. If you want to score more marks then revise it again and again in loud, read it when you are awake, not before you’re about to go to bed in that way. You will disturb your whole family, not when tired, if you do so then there are no benefits out of it. You should prepare all the chapters after coming from school or college and don’t keep it for tomorrow. You should not be a speed reader but be a speed understanding.

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