Logs for sale – In “lekto wood fuels” we care for your economy

Due to the high costs of both electricity and fossil fuels, the use of wood as a fuel for heating is presented as an extremely attractive alternative for ordinary citizens. In view of this growing demand we “Lekto Wood Fuels” have come to offer you a complete catalog of quality wood products and the most important extracted from managed forests, which guarantees its sustainability and responsibility with the conservation of the environment.

Our logs for sale have the characteristics of dimensions, diameters, and humidity to maintain the appropriate heat logs in terms of temperature and durability over time, to provide greater comfort to the interior of home or office, even in the coldest winter days. With the acquisition of our kiln dried logs , we assure you that your investment will be supported by the performance of your heating will be the best.

Another of our star products that we have are bark briquettes, currently the most popular and surplus of all as well as coming from wood chips that result from other processes where they would otherwise be discarded; they can also be compacted and compressed without using any type of chemical additive, since the lignin contained in the wood chips acts as a natural binder; And another advantage of this type of fuel is the heat log is more uniform and can last up to 8 continuous hours.

With just taking a few forecasts; which are properly explained in the practical packaging in we dispense all our products, you will be able to obtain the best performance of our products; One of them and the most important is to keep the logs and briquettes in a dry place completely free of moisture.

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