Keep Your Email SAFE With Skyecc Encryption

You already know why you want safe email. Maybe you’re in a business that is covered by national email encryption mandates like health care or fund, perhaps you’ve got statewide mandates to safeguard consumer data, or you also realize the inherent intricacies of email and need to increase your email security in order to guard your valuable trade secrets from prying eyes. Whatever the case, the choice of that skyecc encrypted email service to select can be quite a daunting one – one full of technical jargon, shortcuts, incompatibilities, and more.

All you have to keep in mind is to “maintain your email S.A.F.E.”.
S is for “Secure” This appears to be a no-brainer. You are assessing your email; it must be “Secure”, right? Not always.
Password protected files can easily be cracked. TLS only protects point-to-point, and you will find often 3-10 servers which handle each email message that you send.
A is for “Accurate” Accuracy is of utmost importance when dealing with email encryption. The most typical cause for sensitive data to be routed in the clear is user error. An email encryption service has to offer a “safety net” containing filters which can trap data that’s often accepted as “protected” for example social security numbers, and also highly-targeted filters for HIPAA compliance, Massachusetts and Nevada privacy legislation, etc. Attempt to learn and use exactly what the “big boys” use in your area.
F is for “Fault-tolerant” In case you’ve got one point of failure for your skyecc email encryption schema, and there breaks (because it will sooner or later), what exactly are you going to do, maybe not send some sensitive email before it is fixed?
The most cost effective method of adding redundancy and reliability for your own infrastructure is by moving into the cloud. Economies of scale enable cloud email services to supply all of the above advantages and more in a price that is a fraction of what it might cost to do it yourself. Moreover, they ought to consist of numerous locations and 24/7/365 monitoring and assistance of the own infrastructure.

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