Is Pop Music Just For Your Young?

Demographics. The statistical characteristics of human populations (like age and income) used specially to spot markets.
You hear a great deal about the 18-34 demographic. Pretty much every single company in presence craves the largest slice of the “demonstration” that they could get. This applies particularly to the listing companies. However, are 18-34 year olds the only age group that buys Kpop music? Obviously not. But maybe they’re the age group that’s most focused on buying music on a regular basis.

I recall a time at which it appeared that my most pressing priority was being ready to buy the latest Stevie Wonder record, or Earth Wind & Fire record, or Hall & Oates record, with possibly something left over for the cover charge in the club.
There was no mortgage to pay, no children to be accountable for, no occupation which I couldn’t do without. I simply wanted to be able to scrape up enough money so I could purchase the new albums that I desired. However, because your duties change, the disposition of items will change together. And eventually your preferences start to modify.
But, what’s delivered by the listing companies has been exactly what they think will appeal to the 18-34 demographic. However, is there anything as youthful music and older music? I mean you will find Billboard charts that are called Adult Contemporary. Is the music there assumed to cater to the people which are in another age bracket?
Back in pre-historic instances there was not too much segmentation of the document charts. The Beatles “Let It Be” will be about Precisely the Same chart as Sammy Davis, Jr.’s “The Candy Man”. Oh, sure you’d R&B charts, and Rock, Country, etc.. However there appeared to be much less emphasis on clipping up things by age. Or perhaps I simply didn’t see it. You do not tend to be concerned about being young, until you get to a place where you are no longer thought in this category.

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