How to Use Ear Stretchers and Plugs Correctly

Stretching piercings are customary to lots of cultures such as those in Africa, but in the event that you want to expand your present ear piercing by yourself, take advantage of a tapered plug. The tapered plug in is an ear plug with one slim end and one broad finish. In order to expand your own piercing, then you have to slowly and also carefully push the tapered plug throughout the opening involving the broader ending. There are many health hazards connected with ear stretching guide if you try to rush that, therefore be careful.

Things you may need:
• Taper plug
• Antibacterial hand wash
• Lubricant
1. Ensure that your ear piercing is completely healed to guarantee the skin around your piercing will probably be powerful enough to be able to stand up to the ear stretching. Discover how broad your ear piercing opening is. Generally it is about 1.6 mm, nevertheless consult at which you had it carried out if at all possible. Buy a stainless steel taper plug that has a width ranging from 1.6 mm (or the dimensions of the opening) in the lower conclusion to 2 mm in the big end.
2. Have a hot shower. This has a tendency to improve ones the flow of blood in addition to relax your ear cells. Clean both hands widely using antibacterial cleaning soap, particularly the finger tips you will wind up handling the plug in with. Lubricate taper with petroleum jelly or maybe some other proper neutral lubrication. Ease the taper in the opening on your ear slowly until you feel some resistance. Do not wait for it to hurt, this is too much. Leave the batter in and fasten it with the ring provided.
3. Gently wash your ears regularly using weak salt water or perhaps antibacterial remedy to prevent an illness. Repeat this process till you’ve extended your opening to TWO mm. In the event you need a larger opening, buy a larger taper plug, for example 2 mm to 3 mm, and stick to exactly the exact same procedure for one to gently extend your ears.

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