Clear Your Casino Bonus by Playing Online Craps

Be smart, play smart, and learn how to play craps the right way!
Many online casinos offer free Casino bonus to play their website. The problem is that you can not cash-out or draw any of the bonus money till you meet their minimal betting requirements or minimal playing time. So, how can you gamble using their free money and also have sufficient left over to actually have a profit?

Betting is just that–gaming. The house always has the advantage, and that means you will probably lose not just the free money the online casino provides you as a bonus to get you to play on their website, but they are counting on you to pull your credit card and deposit a few of your money and then lose this also. The key to meeting the online casino betting requirement (a.k.a. “clearing the online Casino bonus “) would be to play with the games which have the lowest home edge and hope luck is on your side for your short moment of time which you play their money. Craps is an online game you may wish to look at playing to clear this bonus.
Craps is swift. Online Casino bonus is much quicker. You are able to play with the stakes with the lowest house advantage and not need to watch for slow traders or other flaws which you experience at live craps tables. You are able to create your stakes and roll the dice immediately. The faster you play, the faster you’re able to fulfill your playing betting requirement.
Craps also has one of the cheapest house advantages of casino games. For instance, the very simple Pass Line bet has a house advantage of just 1.41%. The Pass Line with single odds bet has a house advantage of just 0.85%. That is less than 1%. The Position bet on the number 8 or 6 has a house advantage of only 1.52%. Therefore, it’s simple to realize you could make bets with low house advantages and be fairly near a 50-50 game. Always remember however, with a home advantage (even tiny ones), you are going to shed over the long term. Be careful to not make bets which have large home benefits. Some craps bets have a house advantage as large as 16.67 percent. Wow! That is an actual sucker bet! You have to understand that the game and understand that which stakes are “good” in terms of reduced home advantage and which stakes are “poor” in terms of high house edge. I believe craps bets with home benefits below 2% as “good” stakes, and people that have home advantages above 4 percent as “poor” stakes. The stakes between 2% and 4 percent are what I call “possibly” stakes, but I typically don’t play with them. I stick to the bets with the lowest house edge, and you should, too.

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