Best Silver Mining Businesses on Earth

For the ninth successive year, international silver production has observed a steady growth of 4% in 2011. The year 2010 has seen several changes, particularly the South American continent wherein Mexico overtook Peru as the top silver producing country. Mexico should remain firmly implanted in 2011 considering that noise deals on silver are rejuvenating silver mining companies with increased profitability. Businesses are currently on the lookout for new reservations and renewed investment in their own projects.

Best Silver Mining Businesses from the World:
BHP Billiton: BHP’s claim to fame lies at the Filminera in Philippine that produces little bit of the silver on earth. BHP also possesses three additional possessions – Escondida, Antamina and Olympic Dam operations, which led to a total of 9.15 MOZ of silver together with Cannington topping the listing producing 7.55 million ounce. But, in 2011 BHP silver production has significantly reduced by 25 percent compared to previous year for the exact same month.
Fresnillo Plc: Mexico’s Minera Fresnillo residue is your catch decoration of Fresnillo Plc using proven and probable silver reserves of 365.4 MOZ. It also own bets at other lands, namely Minera Saucito, Cienega, Herrardura, Soledad-Dipolos, and the Noche Buena silver mines. Fresnillo’s absolute proven & probable reserves are 441 million oz of silver, down by 13.4 % from this past year.
KGHM Polska Miedz sa: Mainly a copper producer, KGHM is a Polish company having an estimate of 37.3 million troz of silver production in 2010.
Pan American Silver Corp: A Canadian Company, Pan American Silver Corp boasts of 11 possessions in US, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. Its chief interests lie at the Alamo Dorado mine in Sonora, Mexico. Through the years, the mine production has dropped from 6.7 MOZ from 2010 to an estimated 5.1 million oz in 2011.
Filminera Resources.: Filminera has its hands full with all the enormous mine at the Masbate, Philippine. The company hopes to produce millions of silver yearly out of their success. The company is searching for more bookings too.

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