Best bitcoin exchange in India at Bitxoxo

Bitxoxo is the pioneer of bitcoin exchange in India. It launched the physical bitcoin pre-gain gift card. The Bitoxox mainly focuses on proving the best services to help buy bitcoin in India, sell bitcoin in India. Moreover, its service will enable all the users of bitcoin not only in India but outside India.

Bitxoxo was started in August 2016. Its aim is to provide the best bitcoin rate and services at the customer doorsteps. It has got qualified and professional team members to assist the clients. Bitxoxo is the first international bitcoin exchange which allows various Bitcoin traders to buy, sell and gift the bitcoin at the best bitcoin rate, serving their valued customers for free. Bitxoxo offers it’s all the services with zero fees. In the addition, Bitxoxo has been performing various awareness programs about the bitcoin in India through seminars, guest talks, and other collaborations across the whole country. This makes it the top bitcoin exchanges in India.

Presently, the Hi-tech revolution in the digital currency world is going through the peak. The Bitxoxo being the pioneer of Bitcoin exchange in India is making the good contribution that makes India a digital currency along with the strong economy.

Bitcoin is the application of crypto-currency. It was declared in the year 1998 on cypherpunks mailing list by the Wei Dai, suggesting the new method of money transaction and creation that uses the cryptography. The initial concept and the proof of bitcoin were published in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, Satoshi left the project without revealing much about themselves in late 2010.
The Bitcoin community has shown the tremendous growth of many developers who work on the projects of Bitcoin. The unknown identity of the Satoshi’s raised the concerns, many of them were linked with the misunderstanding of open source of nature of Bitcoin.

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